Once upon a time, long, long ago, and in kingdoms far, far away, there were stories. Their origins unknown, they passed from storyteller to storyteller, embellished along the way but each keeping those elements that made them eternal: the babes lost in the wood, the evil stepmothers, the witches, the princes and princesses, the paupers with wit and luck, the magical objects and the fairy godmothers. Some centuries ago these stories passed from spoken word to written, collected by folklorists and tailored for children – both to entertain and to teach lessons of morality. In time, these stories became so beloved, their characters ceased being mere stories and became something more.

They began to manifest in mortals, their fairytale awareness being born into each generation, in a suitable avatar. These reincarnations are blessed – or cursed – with the memories of the story from whence they came, and sometimes from the lives that came before as well. With the waves of immigrants coming to America also came the Tales, so it seemed sensible to form a network, and it wasn’t long before a hierarchy of Tale popularity imposed itself upon the community. Today, the Tales are nestled in Washington DC, living mortal lives and past grudges. Oh, but there’s more… for with fairy tales, after all, comes magic.

Barely Tales